RCHS would not be the success it is today without the dedication of a skilled and generous group of volunteers willing to donate their time, money, and efforts to preserve the past for future generations.

Evelyn Clark

Judy Eagleton

Peggy Feese

Fran Jones

  Past President, RCHS (2005-10)

Virginia (Ginnie) Krugloff

Ed and Marleta and McGuire  When RCHS first began in 1981, interested citizens began to gather for monthly meetings in the homes of the members.  One of its founding members, Marleta inherited an intense love of all things historical from her uncle and historian, Myron Hurd. For the last 20 years RCHS has benefited from Marleta’s enthusiasm and expertise as she researches the homes for the Old Home Tour and keeps an enormous personal archive of clippings and photos.

Doris (Coke) Myers

Patsy Melton

Tom and Barbara Pool

Dean and Sara Selvy

Carolyn (Comfort) Sanderson

John and Kathy Wilken

Kathy worked for 18 years as secretary at the Will Rogers Junior High School, directly across the street from the Belvidere, so was aware of the beautiful building for a long time before becoming involved with the Historical Society. In 1997, after leaving the Junior High, Donna Willis, secretary for the school Superintendent, was also secretary for RCHS. She asked Kathy if she would be interested in taking her place, and that’s when her involvement with the Belvidere began.

Lois Hawkins was director of the Belvidere at that time, and Kathy’s husband, John and she began volunteering there. The Belvidere was only open when Lois or another volunteer was there. After Lois and Jerry moved to Oklahoma City, John and Kathy stayed on at the Belvidere, keeping it open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Sara and Dean Selvy, owners of the Carriage House Bed and Breakfast across the street were co-directors at the time and became dear friends of theirs and a lifeline of support, along with John Cary, president of the society.

The craft show for Christmas at the Belvidere was a tremendous amount of work and time. There was a wonderful staff of volunteers that brought it all together and spent hundreds of hours working on the show.

It was around Christmas of 2000 that Sara and Kathy started going to market, created the gift shop at the Belvidere, and started doing the Christmas show with marketed items instead of consignor crafts.

Fundraising was always a major problem. So many people asked about putting a tea room in at the Belvidere that Sara and Kathy presented it to the Historical Society Committee and the Belvidere Tea Room was born. For the first two years, the space was rented to outside business people. Kathy and Sara concluded  that if they wanted to run it a certain way, they had to do it themselves. With the support of the committee, the tea room is now run by RCHS…and John and Kathy are still here!


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