Officers and Members

President Hoytanna Benigar

Vice President Morgan Anderssen Williams

Vice President Patrick Deaver

Vice President Linda Tedder

Secretary Sherry Whistler

Treasurer  Sandy Coy


Past Officers

Lois Hawkins

President, RCHS 2010-11

Lois served with Fran Jones, past president, on the Belvidere committee before the mansion was purchased by RCHS, and was on the Belvidere Steering Committee during the first seven years of restoration. She was the restoration manager for four years during that time. She formerly taught school in Claremore and worked at the then RSC television station. In addition to working on the Belvidere, she and her husband Jerry have restored two vintage houses in Claremore and one in Tahlequah.

 Cynthia McVicar

RCHS; Director of Belvidere Mansion;  buyer, treasurer Belvidere Mansion Gift Shop

A Tulsa native and sister of Don Hill, Cynthia lived in Claremore from 1976-89. She and Ron moved back to Claremore in 2006, into the old Anderson home. She has retired from her former careers in theatrical design and hospital purchasing, and has also restored 3 of her own homes. In 2008 the McVicar’s home was on the Fall Old Home Tour. Her expertise in soft furnishings, design, and construction have already been put to good use, as shown by her restoration of the Northwest  tower.

Cynthia also serves on the RCHS audit committee.

Ron McVicar

 Director, Belvidere Mansion

Ron is new to Claremore, moving in 2006 from Gainsville, FL. Born in Santa Monica, CA, he grew up on his Great-Uncle’s working cattle ranch. His many youthful activities included Little League Baseball, 4-H, FFA, and High School Wrestling.

After High School, Ron entered the Marines, then transferred to the Navy after 2 years to take advantage of the new career field of Religious Program Specialist. After teaching for four years in that program as a Master Training Specialist, Ron left the military as a Petty Oficer First Class. During his 7 1/2 years in the military, Ron was stationed in Iwakuni, Japan and Holy Loch, Scotland. As a civilian, he worked at St Kitts in the Caribbean. Last year, Ron spent 20 days in Sierra Leone, West Africa assisting in the training of 50 pastors from Sierra Leone, Liberia, and the Ivory Coast.

Since leaving the military in 1986, Ron has been an IT professional, application database developer, network engineer, and since 1996 an ERP business analyst with TEK System, Tulsa.

Ron is a member of the Claremore Rotary Club, and an elder responsible for pastoral care with All Nation Fellowship, a Vinyard Christian Fellowship, Tulsa OK.

Ron and Cynthia McVicar are the proud parents of four adult children and four grandchildren with a 5th due in October.

John Cary

VP Programming RCHS; Chair, Endowment Committee

Morgan  Anderssen Williams

 VP Membership/ newsletter, RCHS; Chair, Christmas at the Belvidere; Buyer, Belvidere Mansion Gift Shop;

Morgan and husband David Williams moved from Tulsa in 2002 because they had fallen in love with a Victorian house, just 3 blocks North of the Belvidere. David, an engineer, and Morgan have done all the restoration themselves. Morgan is an avid gardener and animal lover; their backyard is a designated wildlife habitat. The Williams’ home, like the McVicar’s, was on the Fall Old Home Tour in 2008. Already acquainted with the Belvidere from frequent visits with her 3 children, her love for Victoriana and Christmas decorating made the transition to buying for the gift shop easy. Morgan has a background in psychology, marketing and illustration; some of her work can be seen on the 2010 Fall Old Home Tour brochure.

Morgan also serves on the Ways and Means Committee and  Home Tour Committee, and publishes the online and email newsletters.


David Anderson and Patsy (Carmack) Anderson

Directors, Totem Pole Park

David and Patsy grew up in Chelsea and married soon after graduating from Chelsea High School. David’s job with the Natural Resources Conservation Center kept he and Patsy moving. After living in Colorado, Washington DC, and Nebraska, they eventually retired and returned to the hometown they loved. Even with children and grandchildren still in Colorado to visit, the Andersons are proud to assume responsibility for the Totem Pole Park, a place that holds many fond memories for both.

Many other members of the Anderson clan have a love of history. Members may know David’s father, Leon Anderson, who volunteers Wednesdays at the Belvidere’s geneology room. Cooper Johnson, a cousin of David’s is doing a project on the Lynn Riggs Museum.

The Andersons are replacing Carolyn Comfort, who served as former director of the Totem Pole for 14 years.


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