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Ice Cream Social

ICE CREAM SOCIAL JUNE 27  Before the June meeting, members and guests met early at 6:30 pm to socialize and enjoy ice cream and other dessert favorites. Heather Williams spoke on Cherokee Cultural Tourism.  Members got to meet the buyer of the old Franklin Hospital, Karl Engel, and his girlfriend Heather Hartness. This was one … Continue reading

Claremore Museum Gains Momentum

Already, Rogers County has a few historic attractions of interest like the Will Rogers Memorial and the J.M. Davis Gun Museum, but neither feature the history of all of Claremore. A museum featuring the heritage of the city would be a draw to former residents, visitors, and travelers on Route 66 bringing more tourism to … Continue reading

Thank you Carrie Dickerson

The health of our Nation has been left in the hands of companies whose goals are mainly to make money- not to protect the public welfare. It is our job to tell companies- and our government- that we want safer alternatives. It works. -Carrie Barefoot Dickerson My own nuclear nightmare Outside in the garden, the … Continue reading

Historic Franklin Hospital Building to be Restored

A piece of Claremore History At one time, the Franklin Hospital was the largest in Rogers County. Built by Dr D.B.Collins, the hospital opened December 29th 1927.  The 48,000 sq ft facility had 24 rooms with the capacity to serve 20 patients on the second floor.  The ground floor was where Dr Collins and his … Continue reading